14 Flowers to Plant With New Guinea Impatiens

Companion plants for New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens have long been a popular flower to plant for their gorgeous flowers, striking foliage, and ability to brighten up shady spots in yards.

New Guinea impatiens will grow great in landscape or in container gardening — just make sure they are in the shade during the afternoon heat. It’s recommended they get 4-6 hours of afternoon shade.

New Guinea impatiens small bushy growth make them a favorite plant for hanging baskets.

No matter where you are growing your New Guinea impatiens, you may want to plant some other flowers or foliage around these plants to compliment them.

We got you covered!

What Flowers Go Well With New Guinea Impatiens?

Simply put, any flower or plant that can handle morning sun and afternoon shade will grow well with New Guinea impatiens.

These plants will bush up into small clumps, growing anywhere from 8 inches to 24 inches tall (depending on the variety), so any plant that spreads, or grows to be taller than 2 feet will compliment New Guinea impatiens.

Pink New Guinea impatiens blooms

Looking for some examples?

Here are 12 plants for you to grow along with your New Guinea impatiens.

12 Companion Plants for New Guinea Impatiens

1. Impatiens

Impatiens are very close cousins to New Guinea impatiens. Both plants grow better in the shade and have similar watering and fertilizer needs.

However, impatiens have smaller leaves and flowers. So if you are looking to compliment the larger plants of New Guinea impatiens, impatiens can be used to do that.

Like New Guinea impatiens, impatiens can be grown in a hanging basket.

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2. Begonias

Begonias are a great companion plant for New Guinea impatiens since they can grow great in full sun or full shade. There are many benefits to growing begonias in your garden.

Some popular begonia series that grow great with New Guinea impatiens include:

  • Dragon Wing Begonais
  • BIG Begonias
  • Wax Begonias
  • And many others!

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3. Browallia Blue

Browallia Blue plants are known for their beautiful blue flowers that brighten up the shade. These plants have grown really well for us in hanging baskets or pots that will won’t get a lot of sunlight, but they can also be planted in the landscape.

New Guinea impatiens also don’t come in quite the bold blue hue that Browallia Blue does, so these plants grow really well with each other.

4. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is often grown in hanging baskets. With its draping branches and gorgeous blooms, it’s been a favorite for many gardeners.

Since New Guinea impatiens don’t spread as much as it grows vertically, Fuchsia’s growth complements the plant well.

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5. Ferns

Close up of ferns

Ferns are the ultimate shade-loving plant. These classy green plants are easy-care and provide a lovely accent to New Guinea impatiens.

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6. Hosta

Hosta is another plant that grows well in the shade. Hosta and New Guinea impatiens can be grown every other to add some character to a flower bed border.

7. Sweet potato vine

Sweet potato vines are another spreading plant that compliments the New Guinea impatiens plants’ height.

Sweet potato vines are often planted in hanging baskets, where their draping vines can really make a great display.

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8. Coleus

Coleus plants are shade-loving plants that grow well with New Guinea impatiens. Their varying leaf colors can also be the striking accent that New Guinea impatiens look great with.

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9. Lobelia

Lobelia is an attractive annual flower (technically an herb) that produces mini blooms. Its foliage complements the plant well. Similar to the Browallia Blue, the dark blue of a Lobelia can really pop when planted with New Guinea impatiens.

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10. Bacopa

Bacopa is another plant with mini flowers that can really pop when planted with New Guinea impatiens.

This is a plant on the list that won’t be able to handle too much shade. If you are planting your New Guinea impatiens in a really shady spot, bacopa plants may not bloom as much.

Otherwise, as long as they have either filtered light (through a tree) or at least a half-day of sunlight, they should go great with New Guinea impatiens.

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11. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny are groundcovers that are vigorous growers. Their bright yellow leaves and tendency to take over a flowerbed make them a striking groundcover.

12. Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost is another plant that will need at least some sun in order for their full potential to be seen.

Their beautiful display of white flowers looks great when planted with New Guinea impatiens.

Pink New Guinea impatiens

13. Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potato vine pairs well with New Guinea impatiens in a hanging basket or flower pot. The New Guinea plant provides the height, and the sweet potato vine spreads and cascades over the side of the container, providing the “spiller.”

14. Coral Bells

Finally, Coral Bells are a popular companion plant of New Guinea impatiens.


To wrap up, New Guinea impatiens are a great, easy-care plant for your shade garden. Their bright colors and bold foliage allow for you to be creative when pairing these plants with other flowers.

Whether you are planting your New Guinea impatiens in your garden, in a hanging basket, or in a container, we hope you found some companion plants to get started with in this article.