Growing Impatiens in a Hanging Basket

Colorful impatiens in a hanging basket

Impatiens grow the best in part to full shade in a hanging basket. They will wilt faster than other plants, so growing them in the shade will save you time on watering and keeping after them.

Planting impatiens in a hanging basket

When growing impatiens in hanging baskets, make sure you don’t plan too many plants in the pot. Impatiens will grow anywhere from 8 inches to 3 feet, depending on the variety. The exact number of plants per hanging basket will vary depending on the inpatients’ variety and the size of your hanging basket. At Homestead Gardens, we plant 3 impatiens plugs into a 10″ hanging basket and the plants fill in very nicely.

To care for an impatiens hanging basket you can keep it in the shade mostly. Impatiens’ bright flower colors help to brighten up a porch or even under a tree.

Fertilizing impatiens hanging baskets

Impatiens will benefit from being fed nutritionally when they are grown in a hanging basket. This is because landscape plantings can pull nutrients from the soil but in a hanging basket, they do not have that advantage.

You will know if your impatiens need fertilizer if their growth isn’t as vibrant or the foliage becomes pale. There are other reasons that these symptoms may occur, so ensure that the plant is being properly cared for in other ways, too. Keeping your impatiens hanging basket fertilized will ensure that the plant will bloom vibrantly throughout the summer.

When to water an impatiens hanging basket

Impatiens’ leaves and flowers will noticeably wilt when they don’t have enough water in a hanging basket. To check if your impatiens hanging basket needs water, you can lift the basket from underneath. The basket will feel noticeably light if it needs water. If the basket feels heavy, no need to water it. Another indication is if the soil in the pot is dry on the first 1/2 inch of surface soil.