About Garden Basics

I’m Christopher Dell, the writer behind the Garden Basics blog.

Growing up, my family made a living planting, caring for, and harvesting plants. We grew & sold flowers from our greenhouses, raised produce for farmers’ markets in Philadelphia, and supplied fresh-cut herbs to a local grocery chain.

Through these experiences, I learned the basics of growing plants. As an adult, I continue to help out at the greenhouses, and also enjoy digging in more in my pastime to further develop my “green thumb.”

A college professor once told me that everyone is an expert in something, so they should write about what they know. While I don’t consider myself an expert in gardening, it is what I know.

I’m interested in growing myself. If you find a mistake or have useful information to add to any of my blog posts, I would love to hear it. You can reach me at contactchristopherdell@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Christopher