Growing Sweet Potato Plant in a Hanging Basket

Sweet Potato Vine Growing in a Hanging Basket

Sweet potato plants grow great in hanging baskets. They also pair well for many other plants in a hanging basket since they grow well in sun or shade.

Many times, sweet potato vine is grown as a “spiller” plant. This means it cascades over the side of the hanging basket. Along with spiller plants, many gardeners will grow “thrillers” and “spillers” to give the hanging basket a nice full look.

Be careful to not fill your hanging basket too full, though. Plants in hanging baskets will generally fill in the space you give them, so giving them some extra room will ensure that you are not crowding the plants out.

Sweet potato vines are very easy-care plants, so that’s another reason they grow well in a hanging basket.

Make sure to give them water, but don’t overwater them. Check to see how dry the top 1/2″ of the soil in the hanging basket before you water — if it’s still moist, no need to water.