Growing Creeping Jenny in a Hanging Basket

vines in a hanging basket

Creeping jenny are known for their bright yellow leaves and their tendency to take over the area that they are grown in. They grow great as a ground cover, but they can also be grown in a hanging basket.

Typically, they are grown along with other plants in a hanging basket. Creeping Jenny will droop over the hanging basket and act as the basket’s “filler.”

Place your hanging basket in full sun to part shade. It’ll likely survive in full shade, but won’t grow as vibrantly.

Planting Creeping jenny in a hanging basket

When growing Creeping Jenny in hanging baskets, make sure you don’t plan too many plants in the pot. Creeping Jenny are aggressive growers and will fill in whatever space you give them. Their vines will cascade far below the bottom of the basket. In fact, they can grow as long to a foot and a half.

At Homestead Gardens, we plant Creeping Jenny plants on the outer border of hanging baskets so they spill over the side. We typically also plant a “filler” and in some cases a “thriller” plant to complement the hanging basket.

Fertilizing Creeping Jenny hanging baskets

Creeping Jenny will benefit from being fed nutritionally when they are grown in a hanging basket. This is because landscape plantings can pull nutrients from the soil but in a hanging basket, they do not have that advantage.

You will know if your Creeping Jenny needs fertilizer if their growth isn’t as vibrant or the foliage becomes pale. There are other reasons that these symptoms may occur, so ensure that the plant is being properly cared for in other ways, too. Keeping your Creeping Jenny hanging basket fertilized will ensure that the plant will grow vibrantly throughout the summer.

When to water an Creeping Jenny hanging basket

Creeping Jenny leaves will noticeably wilt when they don’t have enough water in a hanging basket. To check if your Creeping Jenny hanging basket needs water, you can lift the basket from underneath. The basket will feel noticeably light if it needs water. If the basket feels heavy, no need to water.

Another indication is if the soil in the pot is dry on the first 1/2 inch of surface soil.