Supertunia Vista Silverberry

Supertunia Vista Silverberry

Supertunia Vista Silverberry is a color in the Supertunia Vista series. 

This series is most popular for the Supertunia Vista Bubblegum color. The Silverberry color is a new color in the series.

Supertunia Vista Silverberry Care

Care for these plants will be very similar to most petunias:

  • Plant in part to full sun for the most blooms.
  • Fertilize when you initially plant and then about every third watering after that.
  • Water regularly, especially when it looks like the leaves are drying up.
  • Can be planted in hanging baskets, planters, or the landscape.
  • Much like the other Supertunia Vista colors, these plants are super spreaders. We’ve seen plants in this series get as large as 7 feet in diameter.